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Preparing Teens for Their Rough-Around-the-Edges “New” Car

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The combination of a new teen with an old vehicle just makes sense. Many parents believe that a teenager should start with a car that has a little wear-and-tear. It allows them to appreciate the car more. On a purely practical level, there’s a good chance a teen is going to run the car into the ground anyway. With their novice driving skills and their tendency to brake hard and drive harder, there is little sense in buying a new vehicle.


Many parents agree with this sentiment. Some don’t have much of a choice even if they disagree. Regardless of the purpose of getting a teen behind a car that needs a little TLC, the fact remains that it creates a bit of a paradox.

Teens that drive old cars tend to deal with breakdowns, frustrations, and problems. Old cars have old problems. Parents should accompany the purchase of …